MBT Psycho-educational Group

I have been a bit quiet again, my confidence has fallen and I have hidden myself away. Time to push myself back out there.

I saw my care co-ordinator on the 15th January and on Friday I received a letter from her. I have been placed on the waiting list for MBT (Mentalisation Based Treatment) psycho-educational group. This group will last for 12 weeks and I will not be able to have any one to one support which does worry me. But I have been without support for 7 months now.

The group will be structured following the themes of mentalising – how we can maintain or lose this capacity and how we can understand our own and others emotional responses within relationships.

As I have said I am on the waiting list but when the group starts I will detail what we are doing in the hope that I can help someone else who is thinking of undertaking this kind of therapy.

If anyone reads this who has attended something similar then I would be glad to hear from you.


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