Eating disorders and feeling lonely

I just wanted to let out some of my feelings around my bulimia…..

What a lonely illness this is!
Once you are in her target, she will never miss.
She takes hold of you when you are feeling low
You are just another tale of woe.

She is looking to see what she can find
And slowly she is twisting your mind.
She is a drug and you keep increasing the dose
She is your shameful secret you can not disclose.

Your strength she is slowly taking
Your own self loathing she is making.
Your every breath is her fuel
Your own self pride is now so cruel.

Your life, is a world full of shame and deceit
Do not be fooled, you are not one of the elite.
This is what she has created for you
Yes, I know this subject is taboo.

As you search for her one weakness
She will plunge you into darkness.
She will hold on with all her might
But you must never give up the fight.


Thank You…..

Went to church this morning and just wanted to say thank you…..


Thank you Lord
For being there when I felt alone
Thank you Lord
For staying with me, when others had flown.

Thank you Lord
For carrying me when I felt weak
Thank you Lord
For making me feel unique

Thank you Lord
For always being there for me
Thank you Lord
For helping me to see

Thank you Lord
For identify my demons
Thank you Lord
For giving my life has a reason

Thank you Lord